Friday, November 11, 2011


At almost 40 years old I’ve been learning a big lesson: Say no to what doesn’t feel right (even if you can’t explain why yet) and fight for what does (even when it scares you to death.)It's freedom. And also trust. It’s living in a wide open field where anything can be built and new things, never before discovered, will be seen.

Choosing not to live that way? Makes you miserable. And everyone else around you frustrated, too. That kind of living quickly disintegrates into a messy confusion of manipulation, control and blame.

That is not freedom. And it fosters mistrust.

I’ve decided my forties are going to be about shamelessly saying no, so I can say yes. This decade is going to be about freedom.

This last four weeks I’ve practiced. I’ve said no to a body part, to facebook, to uncomfortable obligations, to expectations and to living off a script that wasn’t mine. Next month? Who can say?

When I talk to God about this I keep hearing Him whisper to me: I died for your freedom. Go enjoy it!


cori said...

Oh this is just awesome! I love it! Totally inspiring! Reminds me of a song, talking about God's gift to us, "freedom is for free..."

Cari said...

Thanks so much for your honesty, your insights and your willingness to share both.

As I march toward 40 (about six months behind you) I have been thinking so much about what has defined the decade that's closing and what I'd like to define the next one.

Blessings to you as you continue to heal and move courageously toward all that lies ahead.


Rachel said...

Love this. And once you've got it all worked out, you can write a book about it and I will be first on the list to buy it! Thanks for sharing.

svea said...

woo hooo so happy for you friend Go for it..... be YOU!!!!!!! Enjoy freedom. Hugs and missessss =)

surfjams said...

I LOVE the last line! Thank you for the reminder :)

Nikki said...

You make me cry!! The last line in particular: "I died for your freedom. Go enjoy it!" I feel like I have so much freedom right now in that I'm no longer working outside the home 40 hours/week, it's a little scary...I want to fill this time with Jesus and what He has for me in this season, but I'm a little afraid to ask Him because I don't want it to be outside my "comfort zone." Thank you for this post--I need to chew on it!

deb colarossi said...

sigh. I was just missing you on fb.
Peace be with you.
It's exciting to be in transition. Hard and trembly scary, but good. I imagine only beautiful brilliance for you.
I have been feeling at odds with some things of late. I am never sure if it's because I tend to be a bit of a 'quitter' or because I need to do things differently.


Rae said...

Your wisdom feeds me!
Just sent this line to a friend...
"I keep hearing Him whisper to me: I died for your freedom. Go enjoy it!:

Chelle said...

Love this and love you and your beautiful heart friend. It's breathtaking what He can do with a heart set free. Jesus keeps bringing me back to," perfect love casts out fear." I want to be free from fear and free to love. As always I leave here inspired, encouraged and with a heart full of beauty and joy. Thank you for your heart + words. They are such a gift! xo

Kirsty said...

Oh I so agree Mish!! Love you! X

Jessica said...

I love this and had to quote you and link to it today! Blessings, friend. I hope you are feeling strong.