Thursday, October 27, 2011

Six Weeks

I just found out today that I have six more weeks of laying really low to go.

Or in my least favourite, most ambiguous way of them saying it to me: I'm supposed to take it very easy.

But I did get some more concrete directives and it involves no more walking for the next week. Then a teeny bit of only walking as far as up my block for awhile. And then around week six or eight I can begin to think about my runs. It would be so easy for me to fight this and feel frustrated with what I can't do (if only just internally) but I decided I'm not going to - I'm going to embrace it.

So what would you do with six weeks in your PJs and slippers?

I clearly have been handed an opportunity to take good care of my health and pour into my kids without any heavy lifting - literally and figuratively. I want to take full advantage of this opportunity.

One of the things I have learned about myself, however, is I need routine - a system to create in and a process for enjoyment (as my friend calls it.)  I had been feeling really overwhelmed, though, about how to structure this in a beautiful (non-guilt inducing) way. I like goals and I need touch points. (Besides just my slippers that are, admittedly, soft to the touch.) But how to do that when I'm really not allowed to do?

Through a beautiful surprise this week I feel like I got some help. Have you seen this book? The kids and I have already begun saying nightly compline together and it has been exactly what we needed to bring a new sort of order and peace to our day. I am slowly adopting the readings through out my own hours and it is creating just the rhythm I needed.

Here is what I am doing:


Sarah said...

Can you paint or draw? Would be lovely to see yur heart come through on the canvas as it does on your blog. Perhaps incorporating some of the nightly prayers in the canvas. Just a thought. I Hope you are up and around soon.

Jennifer Jo said...

What's going on? Why the order to rest for so long???

a nosy (caring) reader

Anonymous said...

It could be a nice, purposeful time of reading aloud a great novel to your kids, watching a few fun movies, playing board games...

Misha Leigh. said...

I could think of 100 things I could do to use the time (Christmas cards, emails, phone calls, art, writing, etc) but I'm trying really hard to just rest, not make lists, and love on my kids. And, yes, we are trying to make our way through a 13-pat book series that we are loving. : )

Jennifer Jo - long story. But I did too much too soon and ended up needed to take longer to recover. : (

Sarah - I've been loving your thoughts. Thank you for your earlier comments!

Aunt Tea said...

Misha! I have thought of your comment way back many times but did not remember where it was came to my blog here:
i am glad you found my post meaningful! i have been terribly distracted, not just from posting on my blog but even from watching the bloggers i follow! i truly want to slowly make my way back. please feel free to comment, or even question any time. ♥

Nikki said...

I'm sorry to hear your recovery isn't going as quickly as hoped....but clearly there are treasures to be found in these next six weeks as well. I love your pretty chart of daily activities! I like the phrase "a system to create in and a process for enjoyment." I am exactly the same way. As a newly stay-at-home wife, I'm still finding the system and process that works best for us right now. Love to you!