Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teeny Update


...just to say posting will be light, until it's not. : ) 

I post regularly on dailymile and I am on instagram (an iPhone app) with a lot of homeschooling and daily life photos. (And I am still reading a lot of your blogs and loving them. )

{summer coloured puppy feet}

"One of the large challenges of my relationship with Benj has been integrating working and feeling into one act of dedicated devotion: figuring out how to rise above the relentless daily demands, the need for predictable schedules and structured tasks and meticulous planning and hold on to a sense of boundless possibility and exuberant unpredictability. How could I as a parent be both pragmatic and romantic, realistic and visionary, precise and focused in my attention to his needs and yet able to be "surprised by joy"." ~ Priscilla Gilman; The Anti-Romantic Child


Amber said...

Hi Misha,
I've been looking forward to seeing you post :)
Amber. x

Jessica said...

You've been missed :-). Great quote!