Thursday, September 8, 2011

summer 2011

{new red shoes }

I have recently:

 - had three lumps found in my breast; had two mammograms and an ultrasound and found out they were benign (after finding my tears about it all in a dressing room meltdown in a very revealing hospital gown while texting a friend)

 - have a daughter going in for an MRI for what looks like migraines - but we need to be sure

 - have a husband seeing a GI specialist due to some severe and long-term abdominal pain

 - am starting back to teaching a 3rd and a 4/5th grader and they seem to want new and fresh challenges (i.e. learning the origin of words - any advice on that study?!)

 - endured a summer of only three days (until now) where the temps were above 70s - this affected me more than I expected

{ one of the warm days }

 - read four books I loved this summer and a few more that made me think... and two to the kids we really enjoyed

 - have started some intense new things for me that are hopeful but not so easy

 - seen two kids become accomplished swimmers, new snorklers and burgeoning divers; watched them fall in love with tennis/performing and dancing/independence... and observed an added four inches to their collective height in two weeks

{ so tall }

 - been the most relaxed I ever felt about teaching school and the most aware that if my daughter really does leave home at 16 (as is her plan) (as did her dad, mom and maternal grandmother) than I only have six years left with her

 - run way more than I planned on all summer (last week I almost hit 40 miles including some walked/hiked miles) and am getting (really) excited about crisp autumn running under coloured leaves and running at night past pretty Christmas lights

{ long run saturdays make me happy }

 - have chosen the colour pink as my theme colour for this new year & have decided I really like the month of September so far

{ a potential coup }


Jennifer Jo said...

Wow. You've been through a lot. I'm glad the lumps were just lumps and I'm hoping the other tests come back normal---that's scary stuff.

I like the dress of you with the coffee cup---classy.

Would love to hear more about the plan to leave home at 16....

Anonymous said...

Sensed you have been carrying alot lately. Thanks for being so generous with your honesty. I love you!

WordGirl said...

Oh, my friend. Hard stuff, good stuff, scary stuff - all rolled up together. And that's life, isn't it? So sorry you've been walking through fear-inducing moments. I'd be honored to pray for you if other things crop up.

I must hear more about the plans to leave home at 16. That strikes hear in this mother's heart.

And finally, thanks for the books links. I've requested Joy for Beginners from the library. Sounds like something I need to read.

erinn::haley said...

i've been praying for you and your family. will continue to.
thanks for your honesty. i love the pics. kez is so tall!

Anonymous said...

What a summer you've had ... my thoughts are with you, friend. Sixteen and leaving home?! She must have some very special plans in mind - that's amazing! I'm also counting down those years and it's all coming at me far too fast. Your post today brought me down to earth a little and for that I am thankful.

Rita said...

Oh Misha, this is a scary thing to go through! I am sure you are an amazing Mamma to teach and train her to be a secure girl at 16! Wondering where she'll go. Maybe sunny South Africa. :) May this coming year be coloured with all the wonderful shades of pink!

Renee said...

Regarding learning about word origins, we have started English from the Roots Up this year. It is so simple, so easy to teach, and requires very little time! I modify the lessons a little to make them quick and fun. We spend about 15 minutes twice a wk. We learn two roots a week. For example, this wk "phobos" and "philia". They keep an index card box and after we learn new roots, we review each card. I am already, wk 4, seeing them apply these greek and latin roots to words to discover meanings! Very easy and effective.

Renee said...

Oh, and I hate to hear about the illnesses. Said a prayer for you now. So very difficult with so many stressful events piling on at once! So sorry!

Nikki said...

sooo much has gone on in your life this summer....thank you for letting us see a bit of it. i've really missed you and am glad to see more posts popping up on my google reader!

tonia said...


I'm here. Praying. You, never seen, but heart-known, are loved dearly.