Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learning To Lift And Breathe Together

pre-race pasta dinner with the family

There is so much I want to update on here - how the race went (I didn't want it to end!), the fact that my running buddy just did a twelve miler today (amazing), the bridal shower I am hosting tonight, the kids' incredible sports growth spurt right now that is (maybe) my favourite season of parenting ever -  and even a little venting about the weather. As I said on facebook "I cannot possibly be the only person contemplating moving... Midday highs of 63 in mid-July with shivering moms sitting by the outdoor pool for swim lessons under heavy grey skies is killing me dead."

So here's some joy amidst the black stormy skies -

My favourite running mama site posted a give-away today and asked a question about how we motivate our kids towards health and exercise. I wanted to save my answer here because really it feels like such a massive milestone to me.

I said: "It’s so neat seeing you post this today as yesterday was the first time I ran my favourite running trail with *both* my kids by my side. All I can think of are the years I pushed them in a double stroller carrying not just their weight (and snacks and blankies and sippies) but all my extra inches, too – and feeling so embarrassed to be running (jiggling?) and wondering if it was ever going to pay off.

Not only did I loose 65lbs in the process but now my kids are running a (non-consecutive) summer marathon with me all on our trails. We run a 5K every Spring together as a family, we hike, we lake-swim and my son is falling in love with tennis like his daddy. My daughter loves GOTR and asked me to be her running buddy this year (I cried!) and she even had her answer to a survey published in a new mama running book that just came out. (Hot, Sweaty Mamas.) The question was what do you think of your mother running?

Her answer? “I think it's beautiful because when you run it makes me want to run.”

All those years of jiggling? SO worth it."

Running is incredibly poignant for me in so many different ways. But as my friend said this morning around mile eight or nine - it's so powerful to see what happens through us as we trust and let go. It's not about what we do, it's about what we allow to happen as we release our control and fears.

Every day that I run is a day I am saying yes to that.

finish line joy - he ran across it with me!

found this on my pillow that night - it's a running mama : )

starting our summer marathon together

pull and touch and learning to work with a coach 
(it helps her that I have one, too, that is pushing me twice a week to get a bit faster - I hope!)

learning to lift his head and breathe... so am I

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dayzee said...

So beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!