Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She Was So Brave

They say these days will come.

I'd heard they come when your kids are around nine or ten. (She's nine and a half this month.) But it really had started out as such a pretty day. I was relieved April was over and the sun was out. 

We left for class up north and all seemed to be going fine. The plan was to go for a run with the three of us after poetry and literature. We all had running clothes on to be ready - Sissy had a skirt on over them because she's classy like that.

No hint of trouble.

Best dramatic reading of a poem I've witnessed yet.

And waiting for X-rays just about an hour later.

She tried to get on a bike just a bit too big for her.

I won't ever forget her coming into the house to ask us about going bike riding and I had a little "pit-of-my-stomach feeling." She had taken off her skirt and had her running shorts on
so I told her to make sure she had her helmet on and stayed on the grass - I was worried about her bare knees.

When the younger kids came running towards the house I was running towards them before they had said a word. And by the colour of her skin, the way she was laying on the ground and just my mama's feeling, I knew.

When I saw her wrist I knew even more. 

A nasty break. (One of two.)

The whole day was a gift from there on out. 

One friend took my boy with his kids. Another drove us to the doctor. My husband was able to meet us in town just as we got there. And then the pediatrician on call was so sweet. They got us straight into Xrays. The orthopedic surgeon on call just happened to be a hand and wrist specialist. Every nurse was kind and tender with her. And drugs... drugs are a huge relief when your baby girl is pale and shaky. 

We waited overnight for surgery because there was another emergency taking up the OR rooms. It gave us all a little time to process and prepare. 

 IV's aren't fun. 

Not so pleased and it hurts... but it's all done for today.

Even Lambie got casted while she was in surgery.
(That nurse was a sweetheart.)

And it's all set now.

My friend with four boys welcomed me to the club.
I informed my kids that we're done.
No more broken bones forever.

(But we are scheming on decorating themes for each week that the cast has to get redone. )


Jennifer Jo said...

Oh dear. Wow. Ouch.

You must be exhausted! What an ordeal.

I'm no good at reading x-rays, but there are two bones broken? How long will she be in a cast?

(Despite the trauma, you got some splendid photos.)

P.S. We haven't had a single broken bone yet. (I hope I didn't jinx myself by writing that.)

Misha Leigh. said...

J J -

Yeah, two breaks. She fell while trying to get on the bigger bike and tried to catch her fall with her finger tips. Her body weight must have fallen entirely on her wrist. Her big break is in the radius (wrist) bone and it's a rotated break. (Exactly what it sounds like. She broke it through and the bone rotated.) The second break - it's more a fracture - is on her ulna bone and it's on the growth plate. (not visible on these X-rays.)

That's the worrisome part. So we get an X-ray once a week for six weeks and then every three weeks for some months and then at the end of a year - if all is still growing right. There's a possibility they will have to replace the cast more often to give it a bit of space - we'll have to see.

And thanks. I am tired. : ) But so grateful. It could've been her chin, jaw, face, neck, teeth ... so many other things. We heard a lot of yucky stories from nurses that made me feel so grateful! : )

Misha Leigh. said...

Oh - and if all goes well the hope is to get it off in at least six weeks. Maybe a tad longer? We hope by when it gets warm! : )

renee @ FIMBY said...

Oh... I got a pit in my stomach feeling just reading. I broke my leg around that age.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful she is ok. My 15 year old son plays rough in every sport or even 'simple' snow sledding (often has 'war wounds'-but no broken bones)and as I read your post I recognized the feeling I regularly have of handing my kids over to God every time they leave my home... knowing I can't protect them from everything but also trusting that it'll be ok in the end.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for a quick recover! How scary!! And yes, brave!

Rita said...

Awwwww ... so sorry to hear this Misha!

Tilly said...

Oh my goodness Mish!! I can't believe it. Such a traumatic event to happen to sweet K. :( I'll be praying for a quick recovery and lots of glamorous cast decorating!

Tilly said...

Also, the third picture down of K holding the stuffed dog in the waiting room, is a beautiful mix of you and Lionel. I can make out distinct features of both of you in her face. So amazing.

Leslie said...

oh I missed all this somehow..
what a trooper.. and what a not fun mom moment.. a pit of your stomach sort of a moment.

yeah for nice nurses.. seriously.