Friday, March 30, 2012

A Family Update

This is what I've been doing lately - lots of hiking, lots of reading, lots of outdoor time with these two people who seem determined to grow up really fast. 

My husband recently posted a little family update here. Lots of wishes for a beautiful and happy Easter this next week to you!

And P.S. 
I looooooooove this post.  She always says it best. 
That is what my Lenten practice has been this year - putting joy first. 


Jessica said...

Glad to hear from you again!

Nikki said...

Beautiful photos! I hope you guys have a wonderful, restful, beautiful time on vacation. Praying for your family. You've been missed. :-)

Heidi said...

I've been thinking about you, Misha. Thanks for the update. Have a lovely Easter weekend!

erinn::haley said...

yay! wonderful to see those smiles again.
hope you are having a beautiful Easter weekend. i agree KA always says it best!

Tilly said...

I love you Mish.

Anonymous said...

hi misha,
did you abandon this blog or just not written for a while? If you did switch can you please email me? I am soooo encouraged by your blog, I would be sooo happy, if you just haven't been blogging, then I guess boo hoo for me! Life sometimes just doesn't allow it! Blessings! shauna @