Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Every year I forget that the big transition back to school means a new normal will once again have to be created at our house. This year we had extra transition that only added to - and sped up - that process.

Besides all kinds of health craziness in three out of four of us, we had to cancel a long anticipated vacation & some special plans, too. And on top of that we also got a new, very little family member. The end result was just a whole lot of change and upheaval leaving us all needing some intentional re-orientating. I haven't run in nine days and my inner world feels all topsy-turvy and tired.

Surprisingly the puppy has helped the most with all that. She's easy, sweet and has already stolen our hearts entirely. We knew we were ready to start looking for a pup - but we thought it would take a couple months, not three days!

Turned out her timing was perfect. She's brought so much peace and laughter to our home. She makes our family feel all complete and cozy.

I'm getting made fun of a lot, too. I of the "only if she's crate trained and she can never get on the couch or in your beds" etc. etc. preaching... am now eating (happy) humble pie.

(She sleeps with me every night.) (On my bed.)

(I know!)

I love her as much as the kids do.

{39/365 is about this being the last year of my fourth decade. 
I am watching for God in my day-to-day life & I am writing about the gifts He gives me in this season. 
I am listening for His daily, beautiful presence in my years.... all 39 of them and counting. 
This week I have been thinking about the surprises of laughter & unconditional love - expressed in a little apricot puppy. 
Please feel free to join me. }


Rachel said...

She is seriously the sweetest dog I've ever met. She just might turn this - no dogs not ever gal - into a dog owner! Enjoy!

Maura said...

I love your blog so very much! I have been following it for a little while, but this is the first time I have commented. Your new little addition is simply adorable and oh so cuddly! Your kiddos must be so in love!

Chelle said...

It sounds like a puppy has a lot the same effect as a new baby. A gift of pure joy. I have never been a huge animal lover but this post makes me so excited for the day when we can have a family dog of our own.

And I hear you about getting back into a rhythm post the start of school. With our first year of home school + attending kindergarten two days a week, and trying to get our house set up, we are still taking baby steps towards finding our stride again.

Did you know that finding a new post from you tonight has made my day?! Thank you/love you.

Shelly Miller said...

You win the prize for finding a puppy that looks the most like one you would cuddle at a toy store. So adorable!