Monday, June 6, 2011

Easy, Easy Mahi Mahi Burgers (Gluten, Dairy, Soy -Free And Paleo Minus The Corn ... and YUM)

All with one-stop shopping at Trader Joe's if you have one nearby -
Needed Ingredients:

Mahi Mahi burgers (freezer section) 2 boxes - double stacked burgers for four people
fresh corn on the cob
frozen mango chunks (freezer section) or fresh nectarines sliced up
Trader Joe's fresh packed mild salsa (refrigerator section)
fresh grapefruits
fresh lime
big potted fresh basil plant
bag of spinach
head of dark leafy lettuce
pine nuts
pre-peeled garlic
chili pepper sauce
olive oil

Steps For Prep:

1. boil water for corn, shuck it and half it ready to go - boil for 11 min, toss it in olive oil and salt
2. pour mango with salsa into bowl to have ready to microwave - heat for 2 + min to at least room temperature and toss
3.  mix all the basil from one plant, all the spinach, a package of pre-peeled garlic, olive oil, salt, juice of two limes, pine nuts and chili hot sauce into food processor (all to taste) and blend - add water if it's too chunky, set aside
4. heat/grill or bake Mahi Mahi burgers (directions on package)
5. wash fresh lettuce
6. slice fresh grapefruit - at least two of them
7. serve hot burgers on bed of lettuce, cover with mango salsa, drizzle with a lot of pesto, add chunks of grapefruit and serve with hot corn on the cob


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Nikki said...

This sounds delicious!! I'll have to make a Trader Joe's stop soon...