Monday, June 13, 2011

ABC's Of My World

(A rare sunshiney day)

These are the ABCs in our lives right now:

A - There is art busting out all over our walls. My art group (we joke) (but we mean it) has become so important to those of us in, it's almost indescribable. It is one of the top five priorities in my world to continue pursuing a creative journey right now and I am so thankful for that.

B - Beans are out. My whole30 was a massive success. I am doing it 90/10 now and calling it 365. For the next year I have designated some treats days (birthdays, holidays, date night, race days etc) - but even my kids could see a difference in me. So it's here to stay. I love it, I don't feel deprived and I'm thankful to have found it.

C - Can you believe it's still raining here? We've had intermittent days of beautiful sun, but the Pacific Northwest is holding steady. No summer until after July 4th as usual. We're over it!

D - 5 Days. Until school is out for summer. ("Summer.") We are finishing strong this week! I am logging in my education plan by the end of the week for next year, and we are so excited and so ready for some scheduled down-time!

E - Early. I get up every day at 4:50 am and although I'm not exactly chipper about it for the first twenty minutes, I would not miss it for the world.

F - The reason why? Friends. I am running with the most amazing friends five days a week and absolutely loving it. We are logging a lot of miles, seeing serious increase of strength, but most of all we have formed a true bond on those roads. Pain, heartache, joy, celebrations, the mundane - we are pounding trails and living life together. It's such a gift.

G - Girl. Mine, particularly, is changing before my eyes. I alternately choke up in terror/panic/shock and then feel awe and sheer pride at her beautiful self emerging.

H - Him. The boy. He's blowing my mind with his. I'm learning a lot about how he thinks and it's both challenging to every mama skill I have (or don't) and really beautiful to see unfold.

I - I am thankful.

J - There is a lot of joy in our home. I don't take it for granted. In fact on a date this weekend my husband and I were talking about how thankful we are for joy and hope. I really enjoy this season and the age my kids are in.

K - OK, the kids' extracurricular schedule? I love it! I love our time in the car and chats, I love books on CD, I love heart secrets I find out while waiting for the other sibling. But I am also not-at-all-secretly happy for a bit of a break. Piano, tennis, running, ballet/jazz, poetry/lit - many of those twice a week - I really, really love them all. But a couple weeks of nothing before summer schedules start sounds happy.

L - Lavender. I have some growing on my window sill and I cannot wait to make lavender basil iced tea soon!

M - Mary Oliver. I love her poetry, but right now in a whole new way. I am reading several of her poetry books and they make me cry. For the sheer joy of someone finding words for what I cannot describe myself.

N - Nuts and berries are my favourite breakfast ever. And berries are now in full season here! I look forward to breakfast every, single day with a secret glee. Fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries = bliss.

O - Ouch. I have had four major dental visits in the last month. Each one took me a day to recover from. They are done. I am glad.

P - Processor blade. My food processor thing-a-ma-jiggy broke (courtesy of a string mango that wrapped it's hairs around the blade and choked it) and I realized I use that thing many times a day! Replacement parts are all out and back-ordered. We are missing our smoothies and the nut-chopper is having to make us smaller batches of pesto for now.

Q - Queenly. The peonies blooming right now on my kitchen table are mesmerizing.

R - Running is my sanity, fun, play, enjoyment, health and biggest personal gift right now.

S - Kid's school ends this week, husband's school starts next. I feel expectant and currently peaceful about both.

T - Tall stack of books I am reading. My summer book stack is in full swing. I am reading Bossy Pants for book club and about 15 other books I am rotating through for the summer. They feel decadent and sustaining to all have sitting there waiting for me every day by my big, red chair.

U - UP. As in I ran up all the switch-backs up the mountain on Sunday on a date with my husband. I totally thought I wouldn't be able to do it and I'd just give it a try and see how far I got - and I did them all! And he said I "billy-goated" down them, too. I am a completely converted trail runner now. No going back.

V - Very highly recommend. Have you watched Human Planet? It's amazing.

W - One of my friends and running buddies is having a wedding in a month. She turns fifty shortly thereafter. She's incredible and we are all so excited about her special day.

X - And other friend and running partner is going through unfathomable pain. It's agonizing to watch and yet a complete gift to be allowed to carry some of it with her.

Y - Texting has changed my life. I was given a cell phone recently and my husband keeps saying it's going to save our marriage someday. (It has nothing to do with the letter Y but neither did peonies and Q, etc. etc.) I still haven't even set up voicemail and I probably never will knowing me - but texting short snippets with friends and him? So efficient, so awesome.

Z - zzzzzzzz's My husband snores really bad. And I get up super early. I'm taking a lot of power cat-naps these days. But for the first time ever a couple months ago I fell asleep while reading to the kids. It still makes me laugh.

So there it is. Beauty in the details. And if that doesn't sum it up - I don't know what will. 


Jennifer Jo said...

A lovely list.

I added the recommended DVD to my queue, and I'm hoping to get my hands on Bossy Pants soon, too.

Mekeisha said...

Misha, you inspire me.

Charissa Steyn said...

What a cute idea ;) I love letter R! I can relate ;)

Michelle @ The Cooking Life said...

Hi Misha Leigh, I found your blog through my sister-in-law's. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and that I look forward to reading your blog more. And I agree with you, beauty in the details! Thanks for sharing.

Nikki said...

I'm a list junkie, but this list really, really makes me smile. Your joy and peace as you pursue beauty (even when it's difficult) is amazing--and very encouraging to me. Lavendar basil iced tea sounds amazing--share the recipe, pretty please? And thank you for your encouraging notes on my blog....I've been absent from the internet, period the past few weeks, and your comments were a sweet surprise. I'm glad to know you're enjoying Pure Pleasure. We actually attended a marriage conference Gary Thomas taught two weekends ago, and we both really loved what he said. It's made me want to read all his books!

Anonymous said...

I'd like a recipe for lavender iced tea too! Trying to build up an herb garden and hoping my lavender will weather next winter. A local friend just informed me that texting is changing her marriage. My husband and I prefer email as he is a teacher and must work at his computer often - love that it keeps us connected through the day.