Monday, May 9, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Month From My Nine Year Old Daughter About Running

  1. It's okay to go as slow as you need to to keep going.
  2. Sometimes you get dog poop on your new baby-blue running shoes. Don't go back to your old shoes and get blisters. Just clean your new ones up.
  3. Strong = healthy, and healthy = fun.
  4. Stopping to tie your shoe (or take care of any need) should not be rushed - especially if there is a pretty view.
  5. Always dress in layers. The sun could come out, you never know!
  6. Trying new things can lead to confidence in new things. 
  7. Rain shouldn't stop you. There are always slickers and fleece hats. (And then set out a towel by the front door.) 
  8. Friends help you look forward to things that are hard to do. 
  9. Use mile markers - they are so encouraging.
  10. Sometimes even your own Mom will be shocked at how strong and beautiful you have become.
  11. You never know who may want to play with you after you run together.
  12. Save some energy to sprint at the end. It's way more fun that way.
  13. If you are running, you are a runner!
  14. Getting muddy means you had fun.
  15. Women of all ages look beautiful when they are running.
  16. Ice cold creeks help to get into when your muscles hurt and your feet are hot - and that can actually be fun. 
  17. Bring snacks and celebrate at the end. 
  18. Even if you can't run for a while, you can still go cheer on your friends when they do. 
  19. If you keep at it, some days you can even keep up with your dad. 


    Anonymous said...

    13 & 15 are my favorites ;) That's an AWESOME cast!!

    Jennifer Jo said...

    Number 7 got me. We are hosting a large gathering all weekend and the forecast is for solid rain. I've been wallowing in dread, anxiety, and plain old pissed-off-ness. Number 7 has helped me to get a grip. Thank you.

    Brandee Shafer said...

    What a stunningly beautiful girl.

    Kimberly said...

    thank you for sharing your words and your life with us. it is a blessing.

    Leslie said...

    seeing bits of your life..
    and reading bits of your life...

    seriously make me smile.
    love how you guys are enjoying this togethor...

    Kimberly said...

    any update on your friend's sister?