Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Every day, I stop halfway through my run for five minutes, look around, and enjoy the surroundings. I'm reminded of why I do this and why I love it so much." ~ Anita Ortiz

A Mother's Day grin.

I've been eating whole30 now for ten days (above is my Mother's Day breakfast.) I did not have a migraine yesterday. I haven't had two consecutive days in almost two months without one so I am curious what will happen. 

 But, honestly, I feel a million times better all around!

This is my eighth day (minus Sunday) of getting up at 5 to go running. It's is one of the most enjoyable and fun things I have done in years. I love it. 
(I am logging my runs on dailymile. )

It's been a full month, but these are definitely the things getting me through. 

In fact, she said it perfectly here

"This is what endurance means to me right now. This is what I’m training for. It’s the ability to show up and keep up. It’s the ability to persevere when I’m tired. It’s the ability to sustain a good mood when I’m fading. It’s the ability to be there and mark moments with my precious kiddos while they still want to mark moments with me." ~ Kristin Armstrong

I'm thankful.

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