Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have been observing and listening to a lot of the discussion going on about new books and hell and theology and religion and ... and... my thoughts have been Oh man. I am staying way clear of this one! But I have been following a lot of it just by listening and reading.

Then someone asked me today in writing what I thought of it all and this is what I answered:
Basically I think that if hell is the absence of Jesus' presence than what we think about the reality of hell ultimately exposes how we experience or don't experience the reality of Jesus' presence in our lives every day. The power and beauty of being with Him now can only spur us on to long for the same for those around us.
As to who makes the decisions about who is there, who is not, when they go there, if they don't - I'm with Billy Graham on that one: That's not my job to know or decide.
My job is to so enjoy Jesus and his beauty every day that He's a gift to those around me. 
Amidst planning boy birthday parties and Easter celebrations (they overlap this year!), school and work decisions, I've had a migraine for over ten days now - it's a come-and-go-one but it's still leaving me low on any energy. I'm waiting it out and will be back to write more when I can.


svea said...

big big hugs for you and your migrane, i am so so sorry, but i absolutely love the pic of you. You are radiant my friend. grace to you

Renee @ FIMBY said...

I hear you loud and clear. I'm not even going there - into the whole hell discussion. But I like what you've said here. Not the migraine part of course. Hope you feel better soon.

Misha Leigh. said...

Oh Svee - thanks. That two hour window of sunshine was such a beautiful, beautiful gift and answer to heart prayers - I had to put up a picture to memorialize it somehow! : )

Renee - I know! But I would talk about it with you. : ) Thanks, too.

corli said...

The pictures are really gorgeous. And I agree with you - heaven/hell is the presence or absence of Christ, and in that way we are a bit of either here and now.
So sorry about the migraine - prayers for that.
And funny, we have two birthdays overlapping with Easter this year too, first time ever, I think!
Take care!

Nikki said...

So sad for your migraine. I know how nasty those are and will pray for relief for you. Easter's just around the corner!!

Jennifer Jo said...

Ten days! Wow. I'm hoping you're feeling better REAL soon.


Jessica said...

I love your response, completely agree . . . I cannot help but hope when thinking on these questions.

I hope you are feeling better soon!