Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beautiful Moments

talking long-distance to grandparents (with birthday bed-head)

waffles and strawberry breakfast 
(they were on the birthday yes-list)

another yes-list request was that we all get up when he woke up (6 am)
... the pretty sunlight helped make up for that : ) 

cutie patooties

making the birthday robot together

this picture is a Big Deal 
- he has not had any interest in soccer since his concussion almost three years ago

an art party

an incredible cake made by a very sweet friend 
- paint brushes and paint palette and it's all his favourite colours

and my tulips survived the snow!


Jennifer Jo said...

What a fabulous cake! And I love the picture of the steaming coffee/tea.

Have you written about the concussion?

And, of course, happy birthday to YOU, Mama!

Misha Leigh. said...

Jennifer Jo - I did on my last blog. He was playing soccer and an older kid (shouldn't have been on the field) went to kick the ball with her knee and instead it connected to my son's forehead. He recovered for about a week and then in a fluke fell onto concrete at school and had a second one. He was out of school for two weeks then. It scared me a lot after all his birth trauma to have his brain rattled again like that! He has been fine, he just can't have another concussion for two more years (five years after the concussions) - so I always feel a little nervous. Not nervous enough to not want him to play, though - so seeing him start to want to play soccer again was very fun! : )

And thank you. : )

svea said...

happy birthday sweet luke! So glad youa re growing big and strong! love to you from Canada!