Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Am Not Online Very Much This Week

I stood in the kitchen and tried to commit to memory the smell of baking bread, the fireplace and bright colours, the kids hurtling their laughing bodies into the unexpected sunshine outdoors and the fact that finally - finally - math is making some sense around here.

It's one of those moments that don't come too often; sandwiched in between tears and tempers and endless hours of hard, hard work. The synapses were firing, the house was peaceful and I took a deep breath.

I'm savouring it. Every morning.

{I have so much more to write about beauty - but this is getting my full attention. And like our learning coach said on Tuesday: What a joy teaching from home can be, when you get to focus on the passion of the moment!}


Anonymous said...

Those small, "quiet" (or not so quiet, as the case may be) moments are the best, I agree ;)

I hope you received my e-mail in response to yours. I was sent an auto e-mail back from you ... just a heads up!

Leslie said...

oh Misha.. love this... quiet is good.. I've been soaking it up over here too.. sweet sweet ordinary moments.... that years down the road won't be ordinary at all.

Nikki said...

Your blog is such a strong argument for homeschooling, Misha!!! :-) So glad you are savoring these moments.

corli said...

That quote is great and sums up the best of our homeschooling days for me - the freedom to be embrace the wonder of the present moment with ones I love so much. Blessings on your journey onwards!

Cottage Mommy said...

Love this...and all your beautiful photos! Love the rainbow of embroidery've got me wondering! love to you!