Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recent Books

I'm Proud of You - My Friendship with Fred Rogers; Madigan - Not at ALL what I expected, it took me about half of the book to bond with it and then I loved it completely. (I pushed through since it came so, so highly recommended. Now I see why.) It's an incredible story.

A Lamp for My Feet; Elisabeth Elliot  - One of my favourites of hers. I'd like to buy this one actually. It's that good.

Loneliness; Elisabeth Elliot  - Will reread this one for sure. Full - as usual - of her powerful choices and challenges.

These Strange Ashes; Elisabeth Elliot  -  Beautiful. Her world view in this book has shaped me deeply for the last fifteen years.

One Day; Nicholls -  Just couldn't get past the first couple pages, I hear you have to go a couple chapters in - I'll try again some other time.

Still Alice -  A beautiful, illuminating book - I would reread this one. It was helpful to me with my grandparents having Alzheimers. A first-person perspective of a young professor realizing she has it and how that affects her family.

Summer at Tiffany - Sheer delight, really enjoyed it a lot. Two girls work at Tiffany's in NYC for the summer during the war. It's so fun.

Making Toast - I sobbed, but I really liked it - a little name-droppy, but not enough to make me disinterested. Beautiful true story about how a family copes with loss.

Where Lions Roar At Night; Rosie Boom  -  Reading this to the kids - we all LOVE it! A kiwi family of six kids moving to a farm and living in the barn. True story. Completely delightful.

Slipping Into Paradise - Why I Live in New Zealand -  Loved the subject, just couldn't get into his writing style/approach. I wish I could've.

The Long Run; Matt Long -  An amazing story! Read the excerpt in Runner's World and both my husband and I were really inspired. Book is more details and truly incredible.

Wagon's West series: Oregon  - I quit the series! Got a little formulaic and the relationships were starting to bug me  - I loved the history parts, though.
Wagon's West series: Wyoming
Wagon's West series: Nebraska
Wagon's West series: Independence -  Great series to read on long plane rides.

Sarah's Key  - Beautiful, sad, haunting. A part of the war we never heard about growing up in Europe.

* Sorry, not all books have authors and I just couldn't link them all. All are easy to find on amazon, though. I still wanted to share them since I love seeing other people's book lists and getting ideas!


tonia said...

Mr. Rogers? oh dear...I have to add that to my stack, I think. I have the tenderest little spot way back in my heart that is forever devoted to Mr. Rogers. I'm sure he was my first love...the one who made sure I would look for a gentle-man to marry. Please tell me there's nothing scandalous inside. My 5 year old heart couldn't BEAR it.di

Misha Leigh. said...

Not one scandalous thing at all, I promise. Quite the opposite. It's remarkable!

Hannah said...

I'm going to look up some of these -- I love getting book recommendations from fellow bookworms!

I'm currently reading (along with many others, apparently) Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts -- loving it.

Also, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Interesting so far.

And a few others, including, at my son's request, a Percy Jackson book ... ;-)

Chelle said...

Your book recommendations make me so, so happy...thank you, thank you! xo

Fairlightday said...

Perfect! I'm in need of good book recommendations for my many hours of sitting and nursing right now. :) Just added a bunch of these to my "hold" list at the library.

Casey said...

Just discovered your fabulous blog thru "whimsicalities". I'm so glad I popped in when I did. I love to read and am looking forward to checking out your list of books. Thank you!

Shelly Miller said...

Misha, I just read a book that is my new favorite called "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. It is based in England and Australia in three different time periods. She is an amazing, writer that inspires me as a writer.

deb colarossi said...


do you have an email available?

Misha Leigh. said...

Shelly - I liked that book! I have her second one waiting on my window sill to start. I heard it's not as good - we'll see -, but I sure liked reading Forgotten Garden.

Misha Leigh. said...

Casey - I went to say hi on your blog but couldn't get to you.
Just wanted to say hello and thanks for saying hi. : )

km said...

What a list!!! THANK YOU! I'm putting I'm Proud of You at the top. I'm a huge huge huge FR fan. I still remember his tenderness and passion for ALL OF GOD'S KIDS from when I use to watch his show as a kid. I also heard the author of Still Alice talk about her new book on NPR today---sounds like another winner!!! All my love! xoxoxoxo

Casey said...

Misha, I don't have a blog (maybe one of these days), but am just in love with yours! Thank you for thinking of me and thank you for the gift of your beautiful words!


Renee @ FIMBY said...

Finally took some time to add these to my "to-reads" at goodreads. THanks for the list Misha.

Anonymous said...

What a great list. Please add my e-mail address to get your blog. Thank you. Susan steveac@bellsouth.net