Friday, January 21, 2011

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind


My son: "Do you think my eyes are shaped like an eagle's eyes?"

Looking at him closely, "Wow, actually they are. That's pretty cool."

My son, looking a little sheepish and happy, "I'm kind of proud of that!"

My son, again: "Let me look at your eyes, Mom."

He stared hard for a few seconds.

Me: "What do you think? Do mine look like an eagle's eyes, too?"

Him, trying to suppress his giggles: "Uhm, Mom? Yours kind of look like a duck eyes!"

Me: "What?! A duck?!"

Him, unable to hold in his laughter anymore: "I know, Mom, I don't really think I'd want duck eyes either, I'd be kind of embarrassed about that!"

And then he whispered under his breath: "I bet ducks would really like you, though."



Helena said...

That's BEAUTIFUL, Misha—your kids are glorious (and funny!). Don't you just adore the conversations you get to have, all the days stretching out—them and you—and all the sharing and love that comes?


Amanda said...

This post made me laugh! Thanks for sharing!

svea said...

oh my gorsh, i am laughing over here. little buddy is a clown alright.

emily wierenga said...

LOL... kids will say the darndest things :) God gave them to keep us humble i'm thinking. i love your "duck" eyes :)

Shauna Hall said...

that is funny! I wanted to say it was glorious too before I even saw the other comment. My son looked at my eyes the other night and saw mascara (which I don't much wear) and said "your eyebrows look pretty" ;) love it

Misha Leigh. said...

Shauna - Maybe that's it! I don't wear much make-up either! : )

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Don't you love little boys!