Thursday, December 23, 2010

Travelogues # 15

Our morning hikes.

They have been -  hands down - my favourite part of our trip. We have been hiking Slangkop (a small  mountain right behind my folk's home) many mornings together and I got to run on it's ridge while hopping over wild tortoises, ooohing over the wild proteas and watching for the puff adders.

Another highlight of highlights: walking over six miles with my husband and Dad early in the morning along sandy beaches and the ocean, in the mist. Seeing a hundred year old shipwreck, dozens of pink and gelatinous jelly fish, collecting shells and finishing up with breakfast in the cutest little cafe' ever, all together.

(The cafe' was decorated in red stripes, robin's egg blue and fresh baked goodies made in an open kitchen. So fun!)

We also walk together along their boardwalk and watch the surfers and the mighty, majestic Atlantic pounding on the rocks near the lighthouse - right by my parent's house.

The other day the neighbours brought us over fresh-caught crayfish. We had just been saying we wished we had a way to get a taste of it.
It was delicious. 
(And a secret answer to prayer.)


Nikki said...

These photos are gorgeous. It is *so* delightful to get these little glimpses into your adventures!

corli said...

Oh my goodness, here are more photo's of our home!!! Can't believe it! Only God could know how we miss it, and here it is on your blog!

emily wierenga said...

oh wow. how this makes me long for travel.