Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things I Am Not Taking for Granted Today

A warm home, a fireplace, a hot dinner, running water and a not-leaking roof. It's 18 degrees (F) outside (feels like 8 F) and we have been having 60 mph gusts of snow all morning.

The luxury of having school in our jammies (/yoga pants), with popcorn and by that fireplace. I'm so thankful for cozy.

Not having wrecked our car all weekend. We still had to drive a lot and it was a complete ice rink on the streets. A parked car on our hill got hit twice just from people sliding down the hill in their run-a-way cars. Usually it's entertaining to watch all the antics on our hill in snow, this time it's been sketchy.

My kids thinking I know everything because I know my subtractions *all* the way up to twenty and I know my multiplication tables, too.

My daughter making me cry with her (incredible) explanations about what stories her piano songs tell her.

And snow. I really love the snow.

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