Friday, November 5, 2010

Rings On A Tree

"Part of the blessing and challenge of being human is that we must discover our own true God-given nature. This is not some noble, abstract quest but an inner necessity. For only by living in our own element can we thrive without anxiety. ...the true vitality that waits beneath all occupations for us to tap into, if we can discover what we love. If you feel energy and excitement and a sense that life is happening for the first time, you are probably near your God-given nature. 

Joy in what we do is not an added feature; it is a deep sign of health."
~ Mark Nepo

I was chatting with someone on email this morning. I was trying to explain why I just "up and left" my last blog (that was very dear to me.)

I have up and left two blogs now. (I told her.) I think they are tools to help us grow and process and create community. At least mine have been so far. I use them to become who I am meant to be. Who I am. Not that I don't deeply value the support they produce. I just think they are kind of like rings on a tree - showing age and growth and change.

I had one unwelcome commenter on my last site. (Which is why I didn't just post the new URL there.) But really he was just the catalyst for me to realize I was ready to take the plunge. I had been thinking for months about being brave in my writing. Not sticking to a niche, but being more creative.

I have no idea what that will take form as. But recently I have been challenged over and over not to create with a certainty of what the end goal will look like; to enjoy the process itself. To let go, take risks and trust that that in itself is valuable and beautiful.

I ruminate for weeks over topics within myself. I journal, I think, I run. I talk to my very pragmatic husband. Then slowly it starts to form words and make some sense. When that happens I often write on a blog - so your feedback is a beautiful part of that learning for me. 

Please don't hesitate to say what you think. I hope that some lively conversations develop in the comments over time. We may not always agree, but I can guarantee you I will be open to learning from you. Feel free to ask questions, be opinionated, share what you are passionate about. I love that! And it helps so much to know I am not just whistling in the dark.

Your words when you do that are a huge gift to me. I hope that there will be things in what I write that inspire, encourage and are a gift to you, too. If you have made the switch with me from my last blog, thank you! If you are new and just joining me - thank you!

Just know you being here is incredibly special to me. I am so grateful.

I am about to begin a discussion group on Julia Cameron's book The Vein of Gold. Have any of you read it? Is it any good?


tracie bonjour said...

Hey Mish...
Someone went to my blog from this sight and when I checked it was you! I like the new look and the vibe of your blog. Lovely, as usual.

Holly said...

I've been feeling many of the same feelings that you mentioned, too, regarding my own blog. It began as a place to chronicle my adventure learning at home with my boys but, over time, I found it serving other purposes. I wondered if my dappling in other topics would be a problem, seeing as so many of the really "big name" blogs that I read are pretty single minded. But then I asked myself, "Who are you writing for anyway?" When I answered my own question and realized that my motivation to write was to simply get what was in me...well, became very clear what I needed to do. Just write.
Thank you for the clarity and purity that you bring to your writing. Your ability to capture a feeling, a longing, a reverie, anything really, is beautiful. Thank you for including all of us.


Misha Leigh. said...

Holly - Thank you for saying all that. It is beautiful. Thank you. Love, Misha

Hi I'm Sarah said...

I love your new look! The wide expanse of this blog really invites creativity and I really love thelarge pictures. I think your idea to just write is brillant! I keep a blog to keep in touch...share cool freebies I have found and things I just want to say. I am not a writier.....but I cook for the same reason you wirte. It is such a release to just try something. An idea you have in your head and way to make something better. a new reciepe or a twist with an old one can really energize my day. It is an easy outlet for it has to be done, there is money in the budget for the medium and if it goes bad you simply eat it (or throw it out.. though my gracious husband always eats everything) and try again. The freedom and grace is wonderful. I am glad you have a new space to explore! I look forward to reading your experiments...they often lead to great success. Have fun! It looks great!

Misha Leigh. said...

Thank you so much, Sarah!