Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's huge sleek body moved in and out of the deep emerald water showing as glimpses of black shadow and white snow, when really it was all mass. Something so huge against the icy air looking so lyrical and light.

Mossy, sharp pine trees rose all around. Stark cliffs encircled the mountain pool. The place they stood was high up on a rock ledge and the little kids were transfixed by the whale caught in a mountain-pass lake. They were all fingers reaching and gasps. Thin limbs pointing and shrieks of wonder. Completely out of place they caught glimpses of it's tail, it's back, it's fin and then - for a sudden joy - it's entire body would surface only to plummet back down to impossible depths, full of fresh oxygen.

One little boy couldn't take it, the separation, and did what only a little boy can do - he jumped. Straight down he fellfellfell into the dark malachite water. His white body looked angelic, ethereal against the fir triangles; the granite, grey, sage, splash of it all.


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