Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ella's Mommy is a friend of a dear friend. Ella is only one week old and fighting to live. She was born at 31 weeks.

Here is the blog her parents and her two little (big) brothers started about her situation.
Here is more from my friend about her.
Here is the most heart-touching story about praying for her.

When my son was born thousands, truly, prayed us into staying alive. Please pray with me that this family can watch their beautiful little girl grow up to say the same thing my son will be able to say.

We are alive because people prayed.


Chelle said...

I can't sleep so I am up praying for Ella and others that I know are hurting so deeply tonight.

It is so powerful + beautiful to watch the ripple effect of love that has spread through the body of Christ and all because of sweet miracle Ella and her family.

I love you and your merciful heart friend. And I am so very thankful that you and Lukey are here with us today.

Misha Leigh. said...

me, too - me, too!!